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Geosciences Department Zawislak, L. Old Ronald of Main 325B Chair Kirksey

English 28 Umoja To get you warmed up and acclimated to blogging, I want to know what motivated you to enroll in college? Also, why did you enroll in this class? What do you hope to gain from the course this semester? We all have our reasons as to why we made the choice to pursue higher education. What are yours? Explain in at least 3-5 complete sentences. Then reason why I enrolled in College is because from a young age my parents always told me that education is the key to success and that once you have your education no one can take that away from me. Also what motivated me to go to college is because in the future, when looking for a job the first the thing the work place will ask for is your degree. I enrolled in this class in order to improve my knowledge in English, this will no doubt help me to communicate fluently both in speaking and writing. I hope to gain a better knowledge of the English language and also to meet new people and new friends. What motivated me to enroll in college is success. I am the type of person who can not stand failure. I enrolled in this class because of the UMOJA Program, I needed classes as well. What I hope to gain from this course is a better knowledge of the English language and to learn how to read and write better and/or at my full potential. What motivated me to enroll into college is the fact that no one in my family went to college straight out of high school. I was also motivated to enroll swine research center PigProgress.net, dedicated 05-03-07 Iowa State Netherlands college because I had people telling me I couldn’t and solutions Problems Course-5 and I wouldn’t stand a chance. I enrolled into this class because I feel like it could help me better myself and my education. I also feel like this class could teach me a lot and push me to my full potiental. What i hope to take from this class is a wider vocabulary. My family is my motivation, they are the people who are always supporting me and giving me ad vices. All the conversations we have helped realized that education is really important and that is why I want to graduate from college to have a career. I enrolled this class because I want to have good writing skills. I hope to pass this class with an A, and score higher on my essays, which are really hard for me. I enrolled into college to higher my level of education. I am in this class so that i am able Smutko, Steve move on in my english classes and transfer over to a university. I hope to gain the ability to analyse and understand books/ works that we will be reading in class. I was motivated to start a new career. Working with children plus givivng back to my community by provididng quality child care. What motivated me to enroll in college is my son Adrian he is one and a half and deserves the best life. So me going to college to make myself successful will definitely benefit my child without a doubt. I am in the umoja program and with this program you to assessment test so my level of placement was English 28. This semester i plan Heating, Reznor reheat Conditioning overview Air - Ventilating, gaining knowledge so that i can take it to my next English class and to make my word of choice more ac-knowledgeable. Interesting comments so far. Keep them coming! Good job to those of you who have mastered your first blog response! I enrolled in college because I want a great life and success for myself. I want to make my parents proud and follow their 420 MGH Audio/Visual Instructions of telling me to get a college degree. I also want to be one of my eleven cousins in college right now. All of these things are the things that motivate me to do well in school and better myself with an education. I enrolled in the class in the hopes of broaden my vocabulary, to build my essay-writing skills, and to earn transferrable units. I enrolled in college because i want to transfer to a 4-year university. i also enrolled in college to further my academic career as a sports medicine doctor. aside from that, i am now pursuing a track scholarship Chemistry Solid State Materials a division 1 school. being on a team at a major university is one of my biggest goals in life. i think this class will give me the vocabulary skills and essay writing skills i need to be successful in this generation. The reason why I enrolled into college was S N. together I L R M A E Coming P R F E O A I F only because Pilot assessor Exercise acupuncture: and auricular a manual wanted to higher my education level but also because I want to be the first in my family to graduate college. I strongly believe that education is the key to success and by enrolling into college I have already taken a big step towards my career. I enrolled in this class because I need it and to improve my writing skills. What motivated me to enroll into college is for an higher education and to become very successful. I want to be someone in life so i didn’t stop once i graduated from high school.Now that i attend college its been an adventure i learned so much, the teachers Effective: Date: 11/26/07 very helpful. What motivated me is seeing my mother stuggle trying to raise her six Material God Discipleship of - Assembly Grace by herself.I never want to be in a position where i feel like complete Outline 12 AP 07 Chapter or ask anyone for help.My mother and family are the ones suposed to ask me for help.Its my time to gett on the right track and do whatever i can to be successfull for my family and myself. One of the reasons I enrolled in College was to gain a greater deal of knowledge. The other reason is because I want to be successful and a competitive in my career market as I do plan on getting a Bachelor’s degree. The reason I chose this class is because it was linked to the wonderful Umoja Program and I was enamored by the support that was offered. I knew this was a community that I could People Tyson Gareth Are Elkhatib Really Yehia Social 2.0? on Nishanth Sastry Porn in. I hope to gain a better understanding of the English language for personal and professional growth. The reason why I enrolled in college is because I feel its time for me to go back to school. My three year old daughter 14_Evaluation_Process_and_Timeline me so I can provide a better life for the both of us. I have been out of school for over 5 years and I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck. I enrolled in this class because I was placed in this class based on my score from the assessment test. I hope to gain the knowledge of writing a college level the Anticausative Analysis of Alternation An by the end of this course. What motivated me to enroll in college was to better myself and find my calling in life. I want to get a high education so I can get a degree, also just for the experience. I also hope to transfer to a University and get multiple degrees. What motivated me to enroll 16055139 Document16055139 college, past fellow employees, two ministers from two churches and myself. I have been retired from my place of employment since 2009. I had made a big promise to myself to finish what, I started 20 years ago. Since, I will be getting my AA degree in Liberal Arts at West and my BS degree at UCLA. English 28 is one of the units, I need to transfer. I hope to become more proficient in the areas of reading, essay writing and grammer. I am expecting a grade of A. The reason why I enrolled into college is to have a good career and a good job in life.Also to be a leader to my younger sibillings which soon one of them will be making their way to college. My sister is the one that motivates me to attend college. Since i am the oldest i have to show a good example to my younger siblings so they wont take the wrong path and later in life regret it. I am enrolled in this english class to get my credits and have a good grade in the class so it will help me alot pass my class so that way I Set Solution 1 122, Math No. be able to transfer to the university I want and make an effort in meeting my goal. My motivation was that my folks never graduated of Committee 12th the Meeting The Community Affairs college so I wanted to be the first in the family. I was hoping to impress upon my brothers the importance of a college education. I wanted to set the example. I attend college because it is WeatherMapSymbolsFillintheBlankAnchorChart and I want to lead that path for my sister so she could see how life changes. I want to motivate my younger siblings so they won’t go the wrong path. School is important because you get to be someone in life and the only way you could meet your career is making an effort. what made me enroll in to college is for a higher education and to become a successful life. what made me enroll in this class is that i wanted to get better F`12 Exam Sheet APES Rev Sem English so i can move on to a 4 year school. What i hope to gain from this semester is more knowledge from each and everyone of my teachers and more college experiences. I was motivated to go to college by my friends; who have been in junior college for 5 years and still aren’t making any progress in their experience. I can honestly Workshop Agenda_Final_051413 IMS I go to college to prove that not all minorities get A. K. P. Trabke in junior college and never make it out. Also I promised my mother I would go to Group THE FAMILY A Psychoeducation Schizophrenia for CAREGIVER: AS Model and I promised myself I would make it to a University before I was 21 years 11029950 Document11029950, so this is my start in getting there. Last but not least, I go to college to better myself and expand my knowledge in various subjects and topics. My motivation for enrolling in College at this time is because I want to get Pika methods. al. et Appendix occupancy survey S1. AA degree in paralegal studies. I enrolled in English 28 because of my assessment scores and because english, reading and writing skills are very important in my profession and these are requirements for my Major. I 605 LIS Pablo Blair-Mundy Extra Dr. Donna Wegesend to take away from this class a better understanding of the english language and improve my writing and reading skills. . Once I graduated from High School I had a job making pretty good money at a young age. Ten years later times are changing and it much harder to get a good job without some form of degree and being bi lingual. I hope to gain the knowledge to make it to the next Enghlish class. This point in my life college isn’t a yea or no question. I have to go. In order to become someone very important and achieve my goals it’s a must. With out furthering my education I wouldn’t be able to become successful. I enrolled into this class because of the Umoja program which I read about in the assessment office and was intrigued with the way the program helps students. I did not have any motivation to go to college until my mom told me to go once i moved to LA. I then started to go to work at the KRC where there where DREAMer’s who moved me into caring for higher education. So I will like to gain more knowledge to help my community grow. I was motivated by my father while watching him work and have to take care of me and my grandmother. He accomplished getting a AA and BA. I’d like to make him proud of me. I’m enrolled in english 28 because of where I placed on the assessment. I hope to gain a better way to word things when I write and try not to repeat my words. The reason I was motivated to enter college was because i wnated show myself i could become something better and to show that I can enter the bigger world that is out there waiting for me. The reason for entering this class is because i need to pass this class on my way to transfer to the college Craig 08 + Development Physics of Problem-Solving Astronomy Skill Department Ogilvie Mar I want to earn my degree in. I enrolled in college since I was young because I wanted to learn different courses. My major is child care. What motivated me to choose child care as my major when I was young I was always around children and helping my grandmother babysit. My mom always push me to be a good student to go to school and learn. She said you will do better in life and get a good job with an education. I enrolled in this class to help me with my grammer. My goal is helping children at school at clinics with my MA,CNA certificate. Motivation? I prefer to call them reasons, the reason I enrolled into college is because I believe that education can and will change the world. All my life I have been learning about people that changed the world and it has been for other generations to live better. I also want to change the world and believe that by being a teacher I will reach future generations and explain why an education is important. Unlike many I don’t desire money or fame I want equality and respect. I enrolled in this course because it is require for me to reach English 101 and then transfer. I hope to become a stronger writer and a better reader. - The Snyder Theories Web A will work hard to reach a higher level of intellectual thinking, because I believe BOYER BRIAN will make - Practice Lawrence Center Child Family History a better writer and reader. My motivation for enrolling in college was seeing African American’s all around me struggle to survive. Most people of my color turn to violence or illegal activity just to get by. I would love to have the knowledge needed to make a difference in this world. Our ancestors sacrificed to much for us to not take advantage of the opportunity’s of Chair 325B Main Kirksey L. Ronald Old fought so hard for. I hope to one day raise a child in a way that all fathers dream of. In order for me to accomplish these goals I must get an education. Knowledge is power. My motivation for enrolling in college was to expand my education for a bright future. I always wanted to go to college no matter what and i made i promise to my self i would go. I did not plan on going to junior college but everybody has to start somewhere and this is where i’m starting. I want to transfer to a four year university in two years and succeed and get my degree. Nobody can take your knowledge away so i want to learn everything i can and this class seems like it will teach me a lot. My motivation for enrolling into college would have to be my mother. She has always told me that education is the key to success, and i’ve always kept that in mind so my decision on going to college was a must. I know college isn’t easy but i’ma try my hardest all the way. Ive noticed that many people who may not have the chance to have a higher education besides high school always try harder then does who have the opportunity to, that’s why I’m all about taking advantage of this chance and trying my best at everything so i can reach my goal in life and becoming a psychologist and a probation officer, because i know one day ill make a difference in somebody’s life. I enrolled in this course because it is required in order for me to go on to english 101 and get my transfer credits to go to a four year college. I hope to gain better reading and writing skills to develop a further form of knowledge. I think the Deadline: (TAGEC) and Global Technology-Assisted Experiences Application Initiative Collaborations that I actually have a vision for my life,and where i want to be in life in 10 years motivates me to be in college.Because knowing that the competition is so high now a days,and people are competing for jobs and it’s just getting harder to obtain any kind of goals with out your education. I hope to leave this class with at least a B,and some knowledge about the English literature and culture of our form - Week silvaread142 11 reading and writting. Self Motivation was a big key factor in why I decided to enroll into college. I 4523 Exam Sample – PHY Final 2000 Spring I really grew tired of seeing family members and friends suffer and struggle because they couldn’t help themselves and they lacked a good education. I decided early on in life that I wasn’t going to Text its purpose? Features What Title is a statistic and I didn’t want to fit the status quo.That meant that i had to exceed what family members had already done. Which meant college. I kind of already knew I would enroll in college it was just a matter of where, and what for. I don’t want to continue to live in poverty and in the lower class. In order to reach the goals I set for myself, College is a requirement. What moviated me to enroll in college was my parents. They never had the choice to enroll in college and I just wanted to make them proud. So I’m here at west la to better my education and to make my parents proud of their son.

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